…not with a bang, but a whimper.

For those faithful followers of my blog (and I’d like to thank both of you for your continued support, hehe), I’d like to apologize. The rudeness of absenteeism is only augmented by a lack of acknowledgment. Retrobacktive has fallen to the digital wayside, and this architect has done nothing to reconstruct the shambles.

When I began this blog in January of 2013, it was merely an exercise to improve my prowess within the blogosphere before redirecting my sites upon more activist material. But I found myself enjoying the cultural examinations of my youth, and to be fair, one of my posts actually helped secure a job interview.

So certainly the effort has not been in vain. And keeping up with my optimism for the site, I began this year with a rather ambitious goal: an 80s reinterpretation of the American Film Institute’s “100 Years…” series.

Sadly, something has changed within the infrastructure of WordPress. While I will not deny the impact my own busy schedule has had on Retrobacktive, the host site has played a large role in its current decrepit state. Formerly I could create in-depth, interactive posts with access to media files at the click of a mouse. But those features have seemingly been repurposed. Access to public images has disappeared. Video URLs no longer appear within text; only links will redirect a reader to the intended video. There’s no way to add audio files to the site (this has been the most painful discovery as a new Retrobacktive page “Jams” featuring original synth music was on the cusp of launch).

I should retract that last statement. It is possible to include all these features with the blog. They just cost money. It would appear WordPress has bowed down to the all mighty dollar. Unless of course I’m missing something and these widgets are merely hidden behind some digital rock I’ve missed. Well, nonetheless, here we are; at a standstill waiting for the dead air to crackle with life, but instead there is only the occasional break in the static. Retrobacktive may not necessarily be dead yet, but like AM stations of yesteryear, there’s no one left to permanently watch the tower.

So for the time being, I’m moving on. As for Retrobacktive, when it comes back – if it comes back – it won’t look the same. It’s evolution will redefine its existence and the once cold and lifeless greyfield that housed only the memory of a celebrated 1980s mausoleum will be given new life as the foundation of a bold, new medium. What that will be exactly can’t be said. But the efforts of this writer will always be to create compelling, comprehensive digital articles. If WordPress cannot maintain a functional channel to do so, the creative element of this blog will search for life at a new location.

Until then, remember what waits in the forest? Only what you take with you.



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