Hey, the 80s Are Still Here!

Well, at least Retrobacktive is.

Personally I feel the return has been triumphant. We’re getting six to eight hits some days…that’s incredible for a site that has zero brand visibility. Nonetheless, I feel bad. As the author it is my responsibility to ensure a steady stream of fresh content onto Retrobacktive‘s main page. There has been a sizable dearth since resurrecting the blog over a month ago.

The delay in contribution is partly do to an ambitious undertaking with the working title A Cold and Unconquerable State. This is to be a serial of blog posts reflecting on major incidences of The Cold War during the 1980s. Much research is required to provide these posts with the diligent journalism they deserve, and as such they are languishing in development hell.

There have been attempts to drive content via new and updated pages on Retrobacktive, and I encourage readers to visit the new “I Want My…” page which includes seminal 80s music video files. Of course additions to these pages do no give the appearance of vitality that main articles do.

Thus it would seem creating a new page wouldn’t provide much vigor to Retorbacktive’s metrics. Fortunately I don’t care about metrics. I care about catharsis and posterity. So there’s going to be a new page focusing on existential considerations of the decade and notions of what should have been because of it. Some of these posts will find their way to the main page, tidbits to entice a closer look.

Until then, thank you to those followers (especially you Germans; you know who you are) who have taken the time to stop by and keep this little shred of history alive.




  1. Joseph P. O'Brien · October 6, 2015

    Awesome! So glad to see Retrobacktive is still kickin. Love the redesign, too~

    • tonygrassi · October 13, 2015

      Thanks, Joe. The prose still feels a little rusty to me, but I’m getting there!

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