So what is Retrobacktive?

Besides a cheap portmanteau, Retrobacktive is a blog that embraces the culture and milestones from the 1980s. Based largely on consumer trends, Retrobacktive explores the movies, music, television, fashion, and products of arguably the most highly commercialized era in American history: the gaudy, vapid, decadent Eighties in all its parachute-pants, Aqua-net, boombox glory.

The aim of Retrobacktive is to involve you, the reader, in reminiscent discussions of nearly forgotten moments and machinations from the 80s. And don’t worry; neatness doesn’t count here. To be fair, topics covering ground from the 70s and 90s will come up. So don’t worry if you can’t remember exactly when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first hit the small screen (1987). This is a forum for anyone who’s ever started a conversation, “hey, do you remember…” Reasonable topics and ideas are welcome.

Well, enough of my yakin’. What d’ya say? Let’s boogie!

Note: Let’s make 1997 a soft cutoff. To paraphrase a great man, how can you be nostalgic about a while ago?

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