In an earlier Retrobacktive post, I praised – with rather unabashed exult – the merriment and wonder of the 1980s ninja film fad. Hardly a trend worthy of one modest post, however, I’ve decided to create a page on Retrobacktive dedicated to the big-screen ninja.

This page will consist of an ongoing collection of the best moments (i.e. fight scenes) from classic ninja/martial arts movies.

In time, I will likely expand this section to include any cinematic act of violence and mayhem I see fit for the annals of this blog. As always, suggestions from readership are highly encouraged.

To follow up on Retrobacktive’s previous examination of the ninja movie, let’s begin “Ninjas!” with the final battle from 1983’s Revenge of the Ninja. I lauded this fight scene in my earlier post, but it truly has to be seen to be believed. If you can find a more nuanced ninja battle from the 80s, I want to see it! And certainly, if you’ve never seen a cheesy 80s ninja flick before, check this fight out and immerse yourself in what you’ve been missing.

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